Planning & Strategy

Marketing & Communications Planning

It may be you need a new comprehensive plan or need to take a hard look at the one you have. If you are facing significant challenges, an integrated plan offers the change to reframe the obstacles by looking at it through a new lens.  Before getting mired in the tactical, a strategy-based plan will fully identify what must be accomplished and provide the road map to get there.  I save you from dabbling in Facebook and Twitter without having a goal of any sort in mind. A nonprofit challenged for each fundraising dollar? Solid marketing and communications strategy can have an impact.
a broader perspective

Mobile & Web Strategy

Face it, mobile devices have shifted the entire online landscape with more users experiencing the Internet more often via smartphone or tablet. Add to that the flood of mobile apps and the opportunities in mobile coupons and campaigns and it is no longer a question of web vs. mobile but both.  Text, SMS/MMS, geo-location. Welcome the brave new world of electronic communications. Get it right or the world will know your error by yesterday.

Communication Audits

Many companies and organizations have not assessed external or internal communication processes and content in a very long time. Newsletters, e-mail, intranets and now social media channels may be carrying your message but do they engage?  An audit can force an assessment process rooted on measurement, not on opinion. And today, an audit cannot be a periodic effort but more a matter of continuous analysis.

Competitive Analysis and Positioning

The need to think about repositioning may start with a new service or product offering or concern that the playing field is changing. Using a collaborative process we get beyond the SWOT analysis and take a good look from the outside in. From this we can arrive at a solution that will resonate with your customers and prospects.

Market Research


  • In-depth Interviews, feasibility studies
  • Focus Groups
  • Concept Testing
  • Facilitated Idea Sessions


  • Online Surveys
  • Telephone Surveys

Business Plans

No amount of marketing and communication planning can make up for a poorly articulated and researched business goal. Business plans are certainly needed at start-up, but they form the basis for what should be reviewed frequently in a strategic planning process. Getting the nuts and bolts of how a a business will work on paper, particularly for nonprofits is an often-provided service.