Lake Michigan in August

by mo on August 15, 2011

Surf’s up, so no long swims for Gypsy on Sunday. Being on the shore was a bit of therapy after reading Dan Egan’s story in the Milwaukee Journal about the demise of commercial fishing on Lake Michigan as the the quagga mussel has destroyed the fish population. It just underscores how important it is for the federal government to recognize the affects of invasive species like the quagga mussel on the Great Lakes and begin doing something to prevent another disaster. Green Bay is no longer green!

Thank you Dan Egan and the Milwaukee Journal for sticking with this issue!

And an update. Published on 8/17/11 in the Milwaukee Journal, another in Egan’s great series. This time we explore that fact that whitefish are adapting to the changing food web and beginning to eat fish even though they have no teeth! Whether they can fight back the invasive species or not, Gypsy and I are cheering them on. What havoc we humans have on our world.


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