"Monitizing the news" – the New York Times announces move to a fee model

by mo on January 21, 2010

The New Times  announced that it will begin imposing a metered fee in 2011 to its readers to access news online. The NewYorkTimes.com will allow each user a fixed amount of “free” web page views per month, and then charge a flat fee for unlimited use after that. The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times have already made the move from a free model. But the NYTimes is by far more heavily trafficked. (18.2 Miilion unique visitors in December 2008 according to Nielson. 2009 figures out soon.)

Why they are doing this is not a question but in a world where online content (of credible source) is still mostly free (CNN, NPR, BBC, Aljazeera, etc) will the shift discourage readers and decrease revnue, at least until everyone else follows along?


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